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Now the pandemic seems to be retreating and our days in self isolation appear to be about to finish, we shall hopefully return to the ‘new normal’ way of life;  I and my family have so far  been lucky during the past three months  as we have managed to stay safe and well.  As far as filling my time making sculpture during lockdown, this has not been a problem. I am fortunate in that my studio is in my back garden, so I  have not had to travel in order to work.  I have had a stock of stone and other materials and plenty of time to spend creating new work.

New commission

Shortly before lockdown I was commissioned to create a six-foot garden sculpture, the design of which was based on one of my Ancaster stone carvings. I managed to get it to my caster and it will be installed in its new home during the next couple of weeks.

New stone carving

I discovered two similar blocks of Ancaster stone  lurking  in my studio from which I decided to make a two-piece reclining figure which has resulted in a new piece of interior sculpture entitled ‘Relaxation’.   This format  was one which Henry Moore often used and which I have made a few times for both interior and garden sculpture.

Since the lockdown rules were relaxed, I ventured  to visit the Ancaster quarry in Lincolnshire to pick up some blocks which I had ordered in February so there is no excuse for not creating.

New/old sculpture

At the moment I am working on a new/old idea. A number of years ago I did a commissioned piece for clients who wanted a large but light-feeling aluminium piece.   I found the photograph in one of  my photo-albums (no digital photography in those days) but could not remember how I made it!  After some experiments with the method and materials, I have made a new maquette for a unique piece..  This will be a  I am excited to be starting on a revisited technique although the style stays close to my preoccupation with  the abstraction of the human form, expressing emotions and relationships.

New art

For those of us who are interested in the arts, this lockdown has had advantages and disadvantages.   Of course we miss the visits to theatres, museums and art galleries, but these have all been providing interesting alternative ways of viewing art online.  On the plus side, there has a huge resurgence of creative people making art and crafts in their own homes.  These pursuits have provided not only a way of passing lonely hours but also have maybe given satisfaction and joy in trying a new skill, or revisiting an old one. Hopefully these people will continue their new hobbies when all this crisis is over.     Thank God for the Arts!




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