‘The Fallen Warrior’ and ‘Dance’ Interior Sculptures

“With new friends coming to our home in Switzerland, we often get involved very quickly into discussing two remarkable sculptures by John Brown.

They immediately attract our guests’ attention and curiosity and on these occasions I am always very happy to think and talk about my very first visit to John Brown’s studio and gallery in North London a few years ago. I felt very soon that something special was happening and my visit became exciting as well as unforgettable.John Brown’s sculptures are based on the human figure which he exposes with great sensitivity in situations alone, in groups, active or in repose. I admire his feeling for mixing the abstract and the figurative, his sculptures always achieving strong expression and emotions.

For me, the beauty of “discovering” a sculpture is when I am not quite sure about what I am seeing at first sight, but when I feel that the sculpture is challenging, representing a memory, an experience, a desire. It has happened in the past that a piece of artistic expression, may it be in music, or the visual arts, takes time to grow on me becoming a valued friend in the end.

John Brown’s sculptures “The Fallen Warrior” in soapstone and the “Dance” in alabaster, which I purchased some time ago, have become very dear friends. They will be a continuing source of enjoyment, talk and thought.” H.M, Geneva

‘Rite of Spring ‘and ‘The Lovers’ interior sculptures

“Our brief to John Brown for our first venture into commissioning a piece of sculpture was pretty broad. ‘We are very lucky to live in such a delightfully rural place and we would like a sculpture that will echo our good luck’.  And thank goodness we did!

His interpretation has been a constant source of interest to our visitors, and ourselves. Is it a musical clef?  A coiled spring?  A dollar sign?  Different opinions are part of its on-going appeal for us, but then we think we know what it is.

John’s second piece for us is not rural interpretation like the first.  It is a sensuous sculpture, one of an edition of 12.  It is of course an extremely tactile sculpture so that sheen on the surface isn’t all polish.” T.F., Hertfordshire

‘The Lovers’ in bronze resin

‘Accord’ aluminium garden sculpture

‘Accord’ Garden Sculpture

We have always loved sculpture – especially the works of Rodin and Moore – and have long had a latent desire to put a tasteful work of art in our small “city garden” against the back wall, between plants, where it would be visible from all the windows at the back of the house. Our solution was provided by the work of John Brown: we found his website on the internet and instantly felt that his “Garden Sculptures” would potentially be the perfect fit in terms of style, size and form. We were then delighted to discover that John was based in North London and that we could visit and see some of his works both in his delightful garden and smaller pieces in his basement area. Both John and his wife were extremely hospitable and helpful (including allowing our daughters to run around in their garden, exploring the statues) and on our second visit we chose the “Accord” garden sculpture which now sits perfectly in our garden and regularly attracts admiring comments from visitors. An excellent experience all round and an amazing piece of art in place in our garden for our family for many years to come.” J.S, London

‘Awakening’ Interior Sculpture

“I positioned the sculpture ‘Awakening’ I bought from John Brown on the top of a bureau and placed a small light to one side to give a strong shadow. It is a strong piece anyway, bought with a legacy from my late mother who would have loved it; I greet it every day as I go into the dining room and this is a constant reminder of her. I love its stretching tension and smooth muscles making a lovely shape & reflection on the wall behind. It is a well loved and much admired piece that makes everyone smile.

The size of the sculpture is very suitable for many situations, but I wanted it placed somewhere it made a statement, in an elevated position so it could be seen. The black finish against the wood panelling is quite striking, I am so pleased that this very personal piece has a home with us.”

A.G  North London

‘Awakening’ in bronze resin

Family Circle ll. garden sculpture in aluminium resin

‘Family Circle ll’ Garden Sculpture

‘We had been searching for the perfect sculpture for many years, and to our delight and constant visual pleasure we have found it.  Family circle is one of John’s finest sculptures to date.

We knew exactly where the sculpture was to be sited! What we did not know was that is would provide such a wonderful minute-by-minute and hour-by-hour performance of light and shade.

It gives us daily pleasure and a new dimension to the garden.  It is enjoyed by all who see it.  Morning light at breakfast time is particularly outstanding.’   Mr & Mrs M.G North London

‘Sculpture at Darent Valley Hospital’

‘My colleague, the Head of Cancer Services, and I searched long and hard for a sculpture that would grace a garden in the hospital where patients can receive their chemotherapy.  We wanted something that would convey a sense of solidarity, support and hope for people undergoing what can be a challenging course of treatment.  We believe that in the elegance, subtlety and grace of John Brown’s sculpture that we found it. It is an uplifting piece that engages patients and staff alike’.

The Reverend Martin Kelly, Senior Chaplain Counsellor, Dartford & Gravesend NHS Trust

John Brown at the dedication ceremony.

‘Joy of the Family’

Everyday when we look out to the garden – the Joy of the Family gives us so much pleasure.

It has become part of us and our dreams.

Mr & Mrs S , West London.

Family Circle ll’

Owning a sculpture that you can look at every day has been a new experience for my husband, myself and our family. The work that we commissioned, Family Circle, has  certainly created a focal point in the garden and also a talking  point amongst family and friends..  It is a pleasure to look out of the window, and be able to view such a beautiful statue, come rain or shine.

Mr and Mrs  Mumford  Herongate Essex

Amour V

Now the sculpture is in position we are absolutely certain we made the right choice, – it adds a new dimension to that part of our garden, just as we hoped. Mr & Mrs HB, Cumbria

I am loving my new sculpture and I have put it in a position where I sit and look at it every day. I’m thrilled with it!Jane S, Hertfordshire.


I just wanted to let you know that the sculpture arrived safely today. It is beautiful – I am really pleased with it.
I thought you would appreciate seeing it in its new home – the statues either side are my grandad’s boxing trophies from the 1930’s. Mrs A.F. Warwickshire

Duo lll

I want to tell you how much Mike and I have enjoyed seeing Duo III in our garden this last week. The garden is long and narrow so we can see it from everywhere in the garden, but also from every window at the back of the house, including the kitchen and our bedroom. Catching a glimpse of it while doing everyday things is wonderful and still surprises me. Thank you so much. Mr & Mrs M R North London