Corporate Sculpture

Corporate sculpture for placement outside, in an office, boardroom, atrium or foyer, is designed to give an image appropriate to the client’s needs or corporate identity. Height dimensions of illustrated works 12in to 8ft (30 – 244cm).

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Bronze Resin, Edition of 12
Height 49in (125cm)
£5900 To Order (6-8 weeks)

Celebration ll

Bronze Resin, Edition of 12
Height 68in (174cm)


Bronze Resin, Edition of 12
Height 18in (47cm)

The Optimist

Ancaster Stone
Height 21in (54cm)

Reclining Figure

Bronze Resin, Edition of 12
Height 15in (39cm)
£2000 To Order (6-8 weeks)


Bronze Resin, Edition of 12
Height 65in (166cm)
£9500 To order 6-8 weeks.

Stillness in the Midst

Bronze Resin, Edition of 12
Height 32in (82cm)

The Conversation

Ancaster Stone
Height 21in (55cm)


Height 14in (37cm)

Vision III

Bronze Resin
Height 48in (122cm)

The Listener II

Iron Resin
Height 25in (72cm)

Sentinel III

Bronze Resin
Height 24in (62cm)

With sculpture for corporate situations, it is very often a case of collaboration between me and the client or the architect or designer in order to create a specific sculpture, whether it is for the office desk or an entrance atrium. However sometimes from among pieces that I have already completed, the title such as ‘Optimism’ or ‘Aspirations’ will fulfil the brief. Having considered the situation in which the sculpture is to be placed, it may mean that an already existing work may have to be altered in scale, in which case a larger version would have to be created. If the patination needs to be altered on a cast piece, then a new one would need to be cast and coloured accordingly.

In the case of a entirely new sculpture, I always make a maquette to enable the client to visualise the final piece before committing to the commission, and to decide on the final scale, patination and plinth, if one is required

With my experience in the siting of sculpture I can bring to the client’s attention the need to consider surrounding backgrounds and view-points so that there are no visual distractions and the sculpture makes the required impact.