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Sculpture Exhibitions Summer 2024

Summer Exhibition in July First of all, I need to tell you about my forthcoming Exhibition in July at the Bow House this summer. I will be showing several new sculptures as well as some recent paintings. In addition, there will be some[...]

An unusual artwork for Tewkesbury Abbey

Nowadays, it is not unusual for contemporary artists to be commissioned to display their works of art in places of worship. I have been fortunate in that respect and my sculptures now reside in several churches, including ‘Crucifix’ at St. Philip the Apostle,[...]

2021 Year of Sculpture

John Brown Garden Sculpture      The John Brown  2021 Year of Sculpture      John Brown will be creating a series of sculptures  to celebrate his 90th birthday in July   John Brown's Sculpture Career This began in 1955 at Hornsey School[...]

Making sculpture during Lockdown

Now the pandemic seems to be retreating and our days in self isolation appear to be about to finish, we shall hopefully return to the 'new normal' way of life;  I and my family have so far  been lucky during the past three[...]

Barnet Artists Open Studios and Exhibitions.

Sculpture Exhibition John Brown with his Sculpture 'Duo lll' Saturdays and Sundays for September weekends on 14 – 29 September  from 11am – 4pm . At other times by appointment by emailing or phoning 020 8441 5841 As part of the[...]

John Brown Interior Sculpture at Kelling Design

John Brown's interior sculpture is being shown at an exciting new venue at Kelling Designs 3 Langton Street in the heart of Chelsea. The two sculptures shown above are, on the left, 'Unity' in bronze resin and on the right 'Paso Doble' in Ancaster Stone. [...]

‘Family Circle’ sculpture for Book Cover

Sculpture for Book Cover Family Circle book cover I was delighted to be asked to contribute an image of my sculpture ‘Family Circle ll’ to be used for the cover of a book which has just been published in Israel. The[...]

Alabaster sculpture

Alabaster sculpture by  Hertfordshire sculptor John Brown Alabaster sculpture has a luminosity and quality which differs from the opaque stones mostly used for this artistic medium.   The alabaster that I have used over the years is from the Midlands particularly from Nottinghamshire near[...]

Sculpture on display

Hertfordshire Sculptor John Brown's Sculpture on display at Tower 42 (formerly NatWest Tower) in the City of London. Tower 42 Showcase For the next three months, until 16th January 2018, a selection of my sculpture will be on display in the[...]

Sculpture Hire for Weddings, Parties, and Special Occasions.

Sculpture Hire for Weddings, Parties and Special Occasions has recently become a popular addition to sculptor John Brown’s  list of services.  As clients seek a type of celebration which stands out from the rest,  wedding and event Sculpture Hire for Weddings -'Amour'[...]

Corporate Sculpture for Business

Corporate Sculpture for Business The idea of purchasing a corporate sculpture for your business has long been a way of enhancing the work environment for both your employees and visitors.  Over the years I have provided works for both major corporations and small[...]

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2017

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2017 is a show where I am always happy to show my sculpture.   I am delighted to be exhibiting again with the Linda Blackstone Gallery  with whom I have been associated for many years. 'Inner Beauty'Alabaster sculpture This year[...]

Garden Sculpture Exhibition

Garden Sculpture Exhibition at Pashley Manor 'Secrets' by John Brown. As usual  I am exhibiting my work at the annual garden sculpture exhibition at Pashley Manor, including  ‘Secrets’ in bronze resin, together with several other works.   This beautiful garden is the[...]

Affordable Art Fair, Battersea 2017

Reclining Figure. Mixed Media Sculpture by John Brown The Optimist painting by John Brown Affordable Art Fair, Battersea 2017 takes place from 9th to 12th March and is one of my favourite occasions.   I am exhibiting my sculpture as[...]

Lighting your Garden Sculpture

Top tips for Lighting your Garden Sculpture Lighting your garden sculpture need not be a daunting task. These top tips will help you to achieve a beautiful effect which will enhance your garden sculpture and give you pleasure from it all year round.[...]

Top tips for choosing a garden sculpture

Choosing a garden sculpture  that will add individuality to your home. Many people only think about choosing a garden sculpture when they ask a professional to redesign their garden, and in some ways this is a good starting point as they can then[...]

John Brown’s Dance Sculpture

Dance Sculpture for all lovers of dance Dance sculpture is one of the most popular types of sculpture, whether depicting traditional balletic poses or more contemporary representations.  I have always enjoyed going to dance productions, and over the years have attended performances at[...]

How to Carve Stone for Sculpture.

How I carve stone for sculpture for interiors. Rodin is reputed to have said, 'I choose a block of marble and chop off whatever I don't need.'   Indeed  this method is often referred to as 'direct carving' and I sometimes work in[...]

New Sculpture App on StatueFindr

John Brown sculpture outside Leconfield House, Curzon Street There is a new app which lists all the public sculptures in the City of Westminster including my work 'Aspirations' in Curzon Street. This is particularly good when you are taking a walk[...]

September 2015 Sculpture Exhibition

My exhibition of new and recent sculpture for interiors and the garden begins on Sunday 13th September until 27th September. For details go to the home page at I shall be exhibiting two completely new garden sculptures. One is a reclining figure in[...]

Sculpture in Hospitals

The placement of sculpture in hospitals can be something of a contentious issue with people who believe that the NHS should not be spending money on works of art.   However, it is the general rule that these are funded by charitable donations from[...]

Creating a Garden Sculpture

How I create a garden sculpture Creating a garden sculpture of course usually begins with a personal idea, or in the case of a commission with a discussion with the client.  The majority are created in the method shown in the attached slide[...]

Garden Sculptures

The Exhibition of garden sculptures at Borde Hill Gardens in West Sussex is sure to be a great success when it opens to be public on 1st May and continues until the end of September. Sculpture by 14 artists will be placed around[...]

Garden Sculpture

My garden sculpture over the years has been placed in small town gardens, vast country estates, suburban patios and also in roof gardens.  It is also satisfying to know that several pieces have been placed in the quiet gardens of hospitals, a setting[...]

Limited Edition Sculpture for sale

Limited Edition garden and interior sculpture for sale Limited Edition garden and interior sculpture for sale in bronze and bronze resin is a mainstay of my sculpture output, particularly in my case for garden sculpture.   I always limit the editions to twelve[...]

Contemporary Sculpture for Sale

Coiled figure in Ancaster stone. John Brown's Contemporary Sculpture Contemporary Sculpture has gained in popularity in recent years and is not only within the reach of the rich and famous.  Not everyone can afford an Antony Gormley, a Damien Hirst or[...]

The sculpture of John Betjeman at St. Pancras Station

John Betjeman at St Pancras Station in London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) I recently had occasion to revisit St. Pancras station and as usual made the ascent upstairs from the main concourse to have another look at the marvellous sculpture of the[...]

John Brown’s Ideas for Sculpture

How I get my Ideas for Sculpture People often ask where my ideas for sculpture come from.   My sculpture is nowadays always based on the human form. I have spent many years studying and drawing the figure – indeed during my teaching career, there was always[...]

‘How long to make a sculpture?’

Carving a sculpture in soapstone The most frequently asked question people ask is ‘How long does it take to make a sculpture? I usually answer ‘40 years’ experience!’ But in truth, it is very difficult to quantify.   An idea may be bubbling[...]

‘War Horse’ – Sculpture of the Month

‘Warhorse’  the film has recently received huge popularity with its  six Oscar nominations and has made me go and have another look at the wonderful monument the Animals in War at Brook Gate, Park Lane, London Sculpted by David Backhouse who studied sculpture at[...]

Henry Moore quotes

You probably know that I greatly admire the sculpture of Henry Moore  and whilst browsing the web I discovered the following quotes, most of which I thoroughly agree with.  I hope you enjoy them. There are universal shapes to which everyone is subconsciously[...]

The Floozie in the Jacuzzi – Sculpture of the Month

The nickname ‘The Floozie in the Jacuzzi’ was affectionately applied by local people to the  fountain  ‘The River’ by Dhruva Mistry when he won an international competition in 1992 as part of the redesign of Victoria Square in Birmingham.   The immense cross-legged reclining[...]

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