John Brown – Artist’s Profile

A Personal View of my sculpture

Sculpture has become my all-consuming work and, having developed a particular interest in the human form as a basis for my inspiration, I find myself constantly surrounded by sculptural ideas. So often the everyday encounters between couples in their ordinary lives spark a composition ready to be simplified and developed into a sculpture.
I like to allow these ideas to germinate in my head before sometimes drawing a simple sketch; but I quickly make a small three-dimensional maquette, which enables me to visualise the entire work in the round.
These maquettes are all-important – they hold the key to the final work. Is it to be a stone carving or a large cast piece? What should the scale be, even what will be the final patination with a cast piece?
I try to give my works a title; this has to be fairly concise – just sufficient to give the viewer a lead from which they can develop their own interpretation. I like to think that their answers are not always immediate but that with time and consideration they will form their own conclusion.
I never think of a sculpture as being temporary; it’s wonderful to believe that it is permanent and can be handed on for future generations, though when asked to name my favourite piece, I always reply ‘My next one.’

John Brown – the background

John Brown was born in 1931. His sculpture training began at the Hornsey School of Art and continued under Howard Bate R.A. at Hampstead Garden Suburb Institute. He is now based in Barnet on the North London borders.
John Brown’s contemporary sculpture is concerned with human relationships and emotions, expressed in a simplified, abstracted way, provoking thought and discussion, as well as visual impact. Themes very often run through several completed works as in the series inspired by the TV programme ´Strictly Come Dancing´. His sculpture is exhibited widely and is now in many private and corporate collections.