Why buy sculpture?

There are many reasons why you may buy sculpture.

You may simply be an art-lover who regularly adds to their collection, or you may wish to buy a special present for a loved one or a friend. Corporate clients, architects and designers will need to commission or buy a sculpture for their boardrooms or to reflect their company images. Whatever your reason a sculpture is a lasting piece of work which will give years of value and pleasure.

Buy Interior Sculpture

Duet, Interior Sculpture

Hertfordshire sculptor, John Brown´s,  interior works in stone, bronze or bronze resin can be selected from those shown on this website or from his Hertfordshshire/North London studio, by appointment

  • Enhance your interior space with a sculpture in stone, or a limited edition in bronze or bronze resin
  • Give your living room, hall or even your bedroom a unique look with a sculpture as a focal point
  • Start an art collection of John Brown´s stone or bronze sculpture
  • Purchase interior sculptures for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings or anniversaries
  • Commission a sculpture to suit your requirements
  • Add another dimension to a beautiful home by collaborating with John Brown and your architect or interior designer

Buy Garden Sculpture

Reposing, Garden Sculpture

John Brown´s garden sculpture in stone, bronze or bronze resin can be selected directly from the website. These are mainly limited edition sculptures usually no more than 12 per edition. Additional pieces and commissions are available from his Hertfordshire/North London studio by appointment.

  • The design of a garden sculpture embodies the relationships between family members and emotions between human beings
  • Create a focal point with a garden sculpture at the end of a pathway, in the centre of an island bed or in the corner of your garden
  • Garden sculpture looks particularly striking near ponds where the images are reflected on the surface of the water
  • Site a stone or bronze sculpture in a prominent place on your patio, lawn or roof garden
  • Sculpture adds life to places in the garden where plants find it difficult to grow
  • Collaborate with John Brown and your garden designer to add another dimension to a beautiful garden
  • Each piece is a unique work of art from a leading sculptor

Commission Corporate Sculpture

Attachment, Corporate Sculpture

John Brown collaborates with architects and designers to create sculpture in stone, bronze or bronze resin for your work environment which reflects your company´s image. Alternatively, you can deal with him direct at his Hertfordshire/North London studio.

  • Create a corporate identity with a sculpture
  • Enhance the work environment for your employees
  • Purchase a sculpture in stone, bronze or bronze resin to provide a focal point in your atrium, reception area, boardroom or office
  • Invest in works of art by commissioning sculptures for your workplace
  • Start a sculpture collection
  • Sculptures in stone, bronze or bronze resin are ideal as retirement gifts or for reward schemes.

Buy Dance Sculptures

Dance Rhythm, Dance Wall Sculpture

A long-standing interest in dance was John Brown´s inspiration for a series of dance sculptures in stone, bronze or bronze resin based on the TV programme ´Strictly Come Dancing´ and entitled ´Strictly Sculpture´

  • Possess a sculpture inspired by ´Strictly Come Dancing´
  • Reflect your own love of dance by purchasing a sculpture in stone, bronze or bronze resin
  • Enjoy the beautiful fluid lines inherent in dance sculpture

Maquettes − the working model

John Brown creates a maquette prior to making a full-size sculpture in stone, bronze or bronze resin.

  • Maquettes are ideal for display in small spaces, as an interior sculpture on desk or table top, mantelpiece or windowsill
  • Maquettes suit the pocket of clients who would like a sculpture at a reasonable price.
  • Maquettes make perfect, small, unique, gifts for special occasions
  • Maquettes  are cast as small limited edition sculptures
  • Although maquettes are not illustrated on this website you can always contact John Brown to see if one is available.