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Constancy - Sculpt 2018

‘Outside-In’ at the delightful sculpture gallery run by Debra Blick is the first sculpture exhibition in 2018 where my work will be shown.  I am joining two other artists, Paul Harvey and Lucy Lutyens for this show which will demonstrate the use of small and medium size sculpture for the conservatory, patio, roof terrace and balcony and even intimate spaces in larger gardens.   No garden is too small or too large in which to display these unique pieces of work – they can create a focal point, add interest to an otherwise dull corner, or simply give an individual contrast to plants and shrubs.

The sculptures shown in this first sculpture exhibition of 2018 will in themselves be contrasting in style, although both Paul Harvey and Lucy Lutyens are inspired by wildlife and natural forms.  In contrast John Brown’s sculptures are all based on the human form, abstracted and developed to create movement in his dance sculptures and emotions in his figurative works.

‘Outside-In’ at the Sculpt Gallery begins on 3rd March 2018 and continues until 28 April, during which time it will be open on Saturdays from 11am – 4pm, and at other times by appointment.

For more information contact Debra Blick at Sculpt Gallery, Braxted Park Road, Nr Great Braxted, Essex CO5 OQB   Telephone 07980 768 616.   email

For further information contact John Brown at   email



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