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Limited Edition garden and interior sculpture for sale

Limited Edition garden and interior sculpture for sale in bronze and bronze resin is a mainstay of my sculpture output, particularly in my case for garden sculpture.   I always limit the editions to twelve works, which gives them a rarity not achieved by large editions of up to 100 or more.

Limited edition sculpture for sale.

The Listener. Limited edition sculpture in iron resin

If working on spec, I usually have the first one of the limited edition cast in bronze resin as opposed to foundry bronze.   One of the main reasons is the cost – foundry cast bronze tends to be about three times that of bronze resin.

As I have about 60 pieces in stock at any given time, the outlay for them all in foundry bronze would be many thousands of pounds. However, should clients prefer limited edition sculpture in bronze rather than in bronze resin, the same mould can be used and the sculpture cast specially for them with the patination they require.

As we have seen from the news in recent years, there have been a number of thefts of bronze sculpture by well-known artists, including a large work by Henry Moore and the Barbara Hepworth ‘Two Forms (Divided Circle) which was stolen from Dulwich Park in 2011.  If a sculpture is to be sited in a public place, there is the prorblem of it being stolen just for the metal content, with no regard for its artistic worth.  It is horrifying that over the past few years  major works by Elizabeth Frink and Lynn Chadwick have had a similar fate.   Indeed I have occasionally advised clients to opt for bronze resin for sculptures which are to be sited in an exposed area and therefore perhaps vulnerable.

Bronze is of course the traditional material for sculpture from antiquity to the present day;  it is a beautiful material and can be patinated in a variety of colours from greens to dark browns as well as being  polished to a highly reflective surface.  We have all seen the result of this on famous religious sculptures, parts of which have been burnished over the years by the continual handling and stroking by the faithful as well as by tourists.  Besides  these qualities it is almost indestructible which is a great asset, and  it is extremely heavy.  This last factor means that large sculptures will need specialist lifting equipment to site them; even  an interior sculpture  can weigh many pounds.

By contrast, a limited edition bronze resin sculpture is a very suitable alternative.   In looks it is barely distinguishable from foundry-cast bronze, unless the latter is highly polished.  Indeed resin can be cast with a bronze, aluminium, iron or even a marble effect, as granules of the required metal or stone are placed first in the mould and therefore appear on the surface of the sculpture.  It is a very durable medium – I have a ‘Welcoming Christ’ sculpture displayed on the exterior entrance wall or St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar School in Finchley, North London, which has been there since 1980.  One of the advantages of bronze resin is that should any damage or vandalism occur, it can be easily rectified.

Both  bronze and bronze resin limited edition sculptures are suitable for exterior and interior display. Each one is signed and marked with the number in the edition, so that future generations can be assured of their provenance.   Whichever material you choose, you can be assured that they will be a successful addition to the environment wherever they are placed


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