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A Woman by Henry MooreYou probably know that I greatly admire the sculpture of Henry Moore  and whilst browsing the web I discovered the following quotes, most of which I thoroughly agree with.  I hope you enjoy them.

There are universal shapes to which everyone is subconsciously conditioned and to which they can respond if their conscious control does not shut them off.

A sculptor is a person who is interested in the shape of things

A piece of sculpture can have a hole through it and not be weakened if the hole is of a studied size, shape, and direction.

Discipline in art is a fundamental struggle to understand oneself, as much as to understand what one is drawing.

I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the years’.

It is a mistake for a sculptor or a painter to speak or write very often about his job. It releases tension needed for his work.

There is a right physical size for every idea

Our knowledge of shape and form remains, in general, a mixture of visual and of tactile experiences… A child learns about roundness from handling a ball far more than from looking at it.


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