Garden Sculpture

Garden Sculpture to make your garden special

My garden sculptures are  created to make a feature or focal point in a garden setting ranging from the town patio to the landscape garden.  They can be viewed by appointment in my own walled garden by prospective purchasers – just email or phone to make a date.

The scale of my garden sculpture is appropriate to the site and in a cast material. Height dimensions of illustrated works 28 – 75 in (72 – 192 cm).

Click on each image below for a larger view and further details.

Joy of the Family, Garden Sculpture     Pas de deux , Garden Sculpture     Continuity  Garden Sculpture

Garden Sculpture  Garden Sculpture for Sale

Secrets, Garden Sculpture          Optimism, Garden Sculpture          Celebration ll, Garden sculpture

Duo lll, Garden Sculpture   Garden Sculpture for Sale   Seated Woman, Garden Sculpture

Garden Sculpture for Sale

Garden Sculpture for Sale











Vision lll front in garden

Garden Sculptures

A sculpture for a garden can effectively create a focal point, or even a surprise factor when suitably placed; it never detracts from the surrounding setting but adds to the overall impact.

The proposed site for garden sculpture will determine the size and shape of the proposed work , whether the background view is open to the countryside, filled with plants or set among hard landscaping. On a sloping site, the levels need to be considered to create the best possible view- points, whilst it is often a requirement that the sculpture is seen through the windows of the principal rooms of the house. These decisions may well influence the colour of the patination, and whether the cast should be in bronze, aluminium or iron.

Indeed, most of my garden sculpture is cast in foundry bronze or resin cast,. This method gives me much wider scope and flexibility for design, eliminating many of the restrictions which occur with stone carvings. Working up a polystyrene and plaster master copy from a maquette (working model) I am able to create sculptures that stretch up from slender bases or have arms connecting figures together – the possibilities are endless. Examples of this aspect can easily be understood by looking at ‘Pas de Deux’, ‘Joy of the Family’, or ‘Celebration ll’.

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