Interior Sculpture

Interior sculpture of a scale suitable for the home or office environment in stone, bronze resin, bronze and other cast materials. Height dimensions of illustrated works 12 – 36 in (30 – 92 cm).

Click on the appropriate image below to view a gallery of interior sculpture in each material.

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Sculpture for the home

Many of my smaller interior sculptures are purchased by private clients who respond aesthetically to my style of work, which mainly depicts variations on the human figure and the emotions and relationships which apply to us all. Couple and group sculptures predominate though I often create a sculpture depicting a single figure which may be pensive, expectant, or relaxing.

Those interior sculptures designed specifically for the home will complement a traditional or contemporary setting and can be displayed as a focal point on coffee and side tables, shelves and window sills or on specially designed plinths. They are of a scale suitable for most settings and are in stone, bronze resin, bronze and other cast materials.

Interior Sculpture for the Workplace

For a corporate setting a sculpture will add interest on a reception desk, office interior or boardroom setting whilst larger sculptures can make a statement in an atrium or foyer. I often work with architects and designers to create sculptures which reflect the company’s image and ethos, but often sculptures such as those shown will fit the brief.

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